Golden Hour Portraits

Golden Hour, it is seen as the epitome of lighting perfection in every photographic community. Many photographers refuse to shoot at any other time of the day other than golden hour because it is so sacred. Golden hour is the hour or so before the sun goes down where the lighting is absolute perfection from almost any angle. I often shoot at golden hour because I love the tones it gives my images but for this shoot, I tried to really focus on the warm tones of my image. Here is the full set of golden hour images.



Stay tuned next week will feature my full set of studio portrait images & a tutorial on how to create a color scheme in your images. If you or your friends want to shoot with me contact me or check out my booking and pricing info!


Camera: Canon 7D Mark ii

Lens: Canon 85mm 1.8

Editing: Lightroom

ISO: 250

Photographer: Nia Goodall

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