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After studying the work of Heather Angel and other macro photographers like Edward Weston I was able to emulate their styles to create a gallery of macro photography. Please comment which image is your favorite or take the poll at the end of 1-13.

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Heather Angel

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The photographer I chose to emulate for Macro photography is Heather Angel, a macro and wildlife photographer.

Heather Angel is a macro and wildlife freelance photographer. Angel has been photographing for a very long time and even owns her own photographic agency where she gives classes to amateurs.

Angel tends to use lighting with a flash opposed to natural lighting so that she can highlight the features and detail of the subject. In macro photography Angel focuses on flowers and small animals such as insects and spiders. She uses a long lens to capture the detail up close of whatever she is photographing.

Angel was inspired by Eliot Porter who was a wildlife photographer. Angel actually graduated with a degree in Zoology and Marine Biology. She married Martin Angel who was an oceanographer who was also an inspiration to her nature photography.

Angel uses digital cameras for all of her photography. Her favorite camera is the Nikon D4 and the D800. Angel also recommends that people use tripods when photographing things in detail as well as a shutter release so that the camera won’t shake and make your photo blurry.

When Angel is photographing flowers for Macro she places the flowers on a piece of glass with a piece of black velvet underneath the glass. By doing this is adds depth and dimension to the photograph and really makes the colors in the flowers stand out more than anything else.

Angel records the things that might not be apparent in the picture like the emotions she wants the picture to show and captions she thinks of. Angel recommends writing down your exposures that look best and then comparing at different angels to get the best possible image.

I chose some of my favorites of her work, but I will link her gallery here as well so you can pick your favorites.