Ansel Adams

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The photographer I chose to emulate for Landscape photography is the great Ansel Adams. Adams is not only one of the best landscape photographers but he is also one of the best photographers and environmentalists of all time.

Born in 1902, he had an early love for photography. He visited Yosemite with his parents when he was 12 and fell in love with art, he took pictures of Yosemite with his Kodak No. 1 Box Brownie camera. Adams returned every year after that to photograph the natural beauty of Yosemite until the year that he died. Adams would often stay in the mountains for weeks at a time, searching for the perfect picture.

Adams never used a digital camera, he was very proud of using film and editing his images in the darkroom. He would stay in the darkroom for hours at a time to make the perfect print.

Adams best work was later in his life when he learned to drop his horizon line to show the contrast between the sky and the ground. Adams was a very instinctive photographer, his amazing instinct is shown in his most famous picture, Moonrise Hernandez. When he was taking Moonrise Hernandez he didn’t have a light meter, only his brain and this is now one of the most well known photographs of all time.

Adams made sure to always fill the frame with landscape and never left any blank space in his image. He also always makes sure to take multiple of the same scene with different exposures and shutter speeds.

Adams was one of the best photographers ever because he focused on the photograph more than any rules for good composition. Many disliked that he went against the rules of good photography but he continued to photograph the way that he wanted to. Adams was one of the first photographers to photograph for an artistic purpose rather than a documentary purpose. This is different from Bernice Abbott who strictly photographed for documentary purposes.

I included a few of my favorites of his below but if you would like to see his gallery I will link it here.


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