Michaels Challenge

In recent months there has been a rise in popular photography trends such as the Ugly Location Challenge which transformed into the now known Hobby Lobby Challenge. This challenge was popularized by Kelsey Maggart who was simply trying to get a floral image during the middle of winter. The trend has spread across America and spurred other teens and photographers to follow suit. However, Hobby Lobby wasn’t as enthusiastic about this challenge as many people were and even kicked out multiple photographers. Luckily Michaels Craft Stores began encouraging photographers to take on the challenge at their stores, they even went as far to post on their official Facebook page that they wanted people to come and be creative. Photographers such as Jessica Kobeissi hopped on the opportunity and delivered a beautiful interpretation of the challenge.

I decided to hop on the trend and try it for myself. I had an amazing experience at the Michaels store near my home where every employee was very kind and encouraging throughout the whole process. I even saw another photographer doing the same as I and taking pictures of their friends as well. I think this is a fun challenge that people should try even if you’re not a photographer. I attempted to expand outside of the floral section and added some other areas of the store into my images. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of the Michaels Craft Store Photo Challenge.


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Photographer: Nia Goodall

Shot with: Canon 7D Mark II & Canon 50mm 1.4

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