Cafe Portraits

I loved shooting in this super cute coffee shop that had an awesome vintage vibe to it. There was so much natural light that caused my models to radiate and look absolutely stunning in all of these images. I found the warm and cozy feel of the cafe made the models feel more comfortable than shooting in a more hectic location. I completely recommend going to your nearest coffee shop and shooting around, especially local shops because coffee chains can be a little more strict with you shooting in there. I hope you enjoy these images! I’ll be posting a tutorial later this week with tips on how to successfully shoot through windows. 132A7225


Camera: Canon 7d Mark ii

Lens: 50mm 1.4 and 24-70mm

Location: Plum Coffee (If you’re ever in the greater Houston area I highly recommend this place they have excellent customer service, a really cute vibe, and amazing coffee)

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