Vintage Photoshoot

Recently I’ve been missing the precision and vintage feel that film brings to each of my images so I purchased some Kodak Portra 400 film and scheduled a shoot. After having to develop all of my own rolls, not understanding the manual setting on my film camera and constantly smelling like developer had I drifted away from shooting with film my Sophomore year of high school. However, I wasn’t completely confident in my film abilities because I haven’t shot with film in over two years so I brought along my digital camera. I wanted my digital images to also have a vintage quality so I diy-ed a lens filter.

I placed a piece of clear saran wrap on my camera lens and attached it with a rubber band. Next, I added a thin layer of vaseline around the outside of my lens creating a frame around the lens opening and slowly building up to my desired opaqueness. With much trial and error, I created the perfect amount of haze and began shooting.

I was inspired by photographers Jerry Maestas and Samuel Elkins for this photoshoot if you would like to see my mood board click here!!

The film versions of this photoshoot will be coming soon

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Hipster Portraits

I recently photographed one of my good friends during golden hour. Her unique style paired with this new “golden” preset that I developed creates a very retro and hipster chic feel to these images. This is the first time that I’ve taken a more fashion-driven approach to my photography and I’m loving how these images turned out, it is one of my favorite shoots to date! I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

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